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Thank you for taking the time to visit our Special Olympics Ontario School Programs website. For those that have participated in the past, your ongoing support of our multiple program options is greatly appreciated. School Programs began at Special Olympics Ontario (SOO) when it became evident that students with an intellectual disability were not always given access to the same opportunities for athletics and competitions as their mainstream student peers. Over the past fifteen years, SOO has aimed to provide educators with an array of training resources, fun school days, and multiple competition opportunities. Our programs now focus on students aged 2 through 21 with options varying from learning basic movement skills to competition at a Provincial level.

This growth has never been more evident than with what is being offered throughout Ontario during this school year. Educators will have the opportunity to incorporate Special Olympics lesson plans and programs to incorporate into their own classroom, as well as multiple competition and/or ‘fun day’ options to attend as a class/team. The mandate of our programs is to provide resources and opportunities for all students with an Intellectual Disability. In an effort to make this financially feasible and inclusive for everyone, the majority of the programs offered are free of charge for participants.

This year we are choosing to highlight the School Programs mentioned below that are being offered throughout the school year for high school students. Should you be interested in a program, sport, or competition not mentioned in this resource please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to work alongside you and provide any type of support that we can.

Have a great school year!

School Championships & Qualifiers

Special Olympics Ontario’s School Championships & Qualifiers program (previously known as Four Corners) uniquely promotes sport training and competition opportunities to high school student athletes with intellectual disabilities, providing them with opportunities to compete and advance to the Special Olympics Ontario School Championships.

The School Championships and Qualifiers program provides quality competition experience for students with an intellectual disability aged 13 – 21 in the sports of basketball, soccer, bocce and track & field. 48 regional qualifying competitions will be held throughout the 2015/2016 school year. Teams at each regional qualifier will be vying for the opportunity to advance to the SOO School Championships to be held in June of 2016.

Schools are able to enter up to three teams for each qualifier and are restricted to entering only one qualifier per sport, therefore allowing teams to compete in up to four qualifiers per season. Teams and athletes of all ability levels are encouraged to participate, and all sports are co-ed. Teams will be divisioned prior to play so competition is against those of equal ability level. Registration for regional qualifying events is $5 per student.

The program also uniquely offers a virtual track & field competition, where students can submit their race times and jump distances online and ‘virtually compete’ against other students to qualify for Provincials. This allows every secondary school in Ontario the opportunity to compete and advance.

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Pending program:

Hockey for Hockey

This program provides free clinics in schools, to secondary school athletes, as an introduction to Special Olympics floor hockey. It focuses on fun, basic fundamentals of holding the stick, moving the puck, stick handling, passing, shooting skills and basic strategies of the game.

Special Olympics Ontario will provide a certified instructor and all needed equipment. Host schools will supply a gym space at their school for 1-1.5 hours, nets, pinnies (if available) and of course students! Educators, assistants and leadership classes that work with your students are encouraged to participate. Each clinic can host up to 40 students.

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Youth Multi-Sport

This new multi-sport guide is available free of charge for any educators interested in implementing the teaching plans in their classroom as a physical education component. The guide focuses on four sports: basketball, soccer, bocce, and track & field. Each sport is broken down into 9 weeks of lesson plans working from an introduction to each sport to a complete game setting. Additional to each sport, the guide also highlights information on stretching, nutrition, and other SOO programs. This is a great tool for teams preparing for a Four Corners qualifier or for educators in search of new physical education ideas for the classroom!

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Step Into Action

Step Into Action (SIA) is a program designed by pahl to engage students with an Intellectual Disability to get active and enhance their physical activity levels by taking the ‘Step’ challenge. The 'Step' component of the program includes any type of activity that can be measured by a pedometer or a period of exercise, including: walking, jogging, running, dancing, or participating in sports.

Beyond the 'Step' component, the program is designed with the intention to educate people with an ID about nutrition and physical fitness, with the ultimate goal of helping them along the path of incorporating an active and healthy lifestyle into their daily lives.

By signing up for Step Into Action online, each registered student and classroom educator will receive a free pedometer to track their steps and a personal online account to set up daily nutritional and physical goals and start getting active and healthy!

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Host an Event

Host a PAHL Festival

PAHL Days are half day events run by High School students and educators in Leadership and Phys. Ed classes. All that is required to host a PAHL Day is a double gym, some basic sports equipment and about 20 students who are interested in providing a great inclusive event for local special education students. This event is completely free of charge and volunteer driven. Special Olympics Ontario supplies all of the necessary equipment, resources and training to the host school.

Local students (elementary or secondary) with intellectual disabilities and their teachers will be invited to participate in activities that introduce them to many official Special Olympics sports including Bocce, Basketball, Soccer, Bowling, Curling, Athletics and more.

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